Eye of Horus Slots

Eye of Horus Slots

Eye of Horus Slots – bitcoin casino slot game

Eye of Horus Slots is an bitcoin casino slot game based upon the ancient Egypt Mythology. The Eye of Horus symbolises the jackal that was coiled by the hand of Osiris. The eye itself is also the portal to the underworld and is associated with the pharaohs. This Egyptian mythological theme is often featured in various other online slots games as well. This article covers the bitcoin casino slot version of this mythological motif, detailing how the game functions and what you should look for when choosing a suitable level and type of play.

General terms

In the most general terms, when you place your money into the pot, you are intending to create a pattern on the reels by turning your wrist and tapping the reels together. If the pattern created on the reels goes out of order or stops on the way, you lose and must start over again. If you want to place your money into the pot and create a winning pattern, it is important that you remember one very important thing: the wild reels MUST NEVER end! When the last wild reel spins, the lid will lift and reveal a new pattern waiting to be picked.

The Eye of Horus is a common icon in ancient Egyptian art, specifically hieroglyphic imagery. The Eye of Horus is shown to be staring down at a player’s eye after she has won the slot machine game. The Egyptian goddess of chaos, Osiris, is the god of slots and the Eye of Horus is responsible for counting the coins that have been played. Once all the coins have been counted, the Eye of Horus will examine the resulting number and then cause the player to blink once. This act will cause the reels to stop, but not before the player has been charged a small fee, called the “blink fee”. The purpose of the blink is to cause the computer to halt and allow the player to have a chance to review the results of the last spin and hopefully discover an exciting pattern.

Chances of winning the jackpot prize

Each time you place a single bet using an eligible ticket, you take one click off the clock, which adds one more second to the total amount of time until the next spin begins. After the next blink, the computer will add one more symbol to the top of the reels, thus completing the pattern. The more specific the pattern, the better your chances of winning the jackpot prize.

There are many different variations on how to win the online slot machines that feature the Eye of Horus. One of these variations is called “rated slots” or “video slots.” These video slots are based on a video screen that is placed behind the slot machine video screen. Every time you place a bet using an eligible ticket, a random symbol is drawn and appears on the video screen in front of the player.

Eye of Horus Slots RNG

This video screen is drawn from a set of sixty symbols which are all visually distinct. The video slot spins at the same rate as the random number generator (RNG) which uses a set of special dice. While it may not seem like much, the difference between the symbols appearing on the video screen and the ones occurring in the actual slot machine is enough for the random number generator to pick up on differences in symbols and formulate a different set of symbols for the next spin.

This difference in symbols means there is a much higher possibility for any two symbols to end up being the same, allowing the winning numbers to be generated in an entirely different way. While the odds of winning in a video slot game using the Eye of Horus Slots are slightly higher than average, they can still be beat depending upon certain factors.

In a live casino game using Eye of Horus Slots, there is no way for the random number generator to know which symbols will be drawn since it is part of the game’s strategy to place different symbols in different places around the reel. This means that every spin creates a different set of probabilities, allowing the casino to keep the prize money coming despite any other factors. One example of this would be if a single symbol was placed in the center of the reel. Every time someone won on that specific symbol, then the casino would have to pay out the prize money based upon that single win. With the free spins, however, these symbols are randomly picked off of the video screen and therefore do not create any repeating patterns which would allow wining to be a near guarantee.


Aside, from the simple math behind how the symbols on the screen work, the real reason to play with Eye of Horus Slots would be because it is a machine that pays out much better than its counterparts that use more traditional casino gaming strategies. Traditional slots rely heavily on luck, while the big winner has only a small chance of actually hitting the jackpot because of the randomness of the wheel’s motion. In Eye of Horus Slots, winning requires only a simple strategy of selecting the most beneficial symbols to place in the crosshairs of the video slot machine.

No matter how many times the machine hits, the odds of hitting the jackpot are always long-lasting. In just over a hundred spins, it is estimated that a player’s chance of hitting the jackpot one hundred times is about one in seven million. This is far better than any traditional slots that promise immediate and substantial jackpots.